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Pack your bags and get ready to head to the  mountains.  This month we explore the beautiful state of Michoacán and bring you delightful mountain retreats, adventures exploring the local artwork and rainbow trout while overlooking a riverside national park.

Uniquely Mexico

Mexico Celebrates 200 Years

The New York Times recently featured three colonial cities in Guanajuato and the trail to Mexico’s Independence — San Miguel de Allende, Guanajauto and Dolores Hildago.

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Pátzcuaro Hideaway


Situated above Pátzcuaro at the foot of the Sierra Madres is the wonderful, recently remodeled Hacienda de las Mariposas, a boutique resort and spa surrounded by twenty acres of pine forest and fruit tree groves, orchard, and wild flower meadows.

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Hot Chefs

La Terraza de la Trucha


Located at the edge of the stunning Uruapan National Park – a tropical rainforest and trails along the Rio Cupatitizio and the only National park in Mexico located within city limits — is one of the most special dining spots on the planet.

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Traveling Spirit

Lake Zirahuen: Myth and lakeside fun at 7,000 feet…


Majestically poised 7000 feet high in the Sierra Madre Mountains, nestled amongst mature oaks and mighty pines, the breathtaking Lake Zirahuen showcases its crystalline water colors which range from a deep blue to a jade green.

Featured Artists

The Legacy of the Purépecha, Michoacán’s Artesanías


One could only imagine the inspiration of a place where lush mountainsides reach to the Pacific and giant monarch butterflies flock for a winter getaway. Its name meaning the “place of the fish,” more flows in the state of Michaocan than the animals that thrive in this natural haven.

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