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Ashley Chumley

Ashley Chumley is a teacher in the state capital of Guanajuato, Mexico. As a cultural experience evolved from temporary to extended and experience to everyday, she finds herself ceaselessly awed by the beauties and novelties of Mexico. With a degree in education, the classroom allows her to see a perspective of a place through its youth. Other than teaching, she bides her time reading, cooking, making herbal concoctions, and hunting down a good cup of coffee. You can reach her at ashleychumley@yahoo.com.

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The Legacy of the Purépecha, Michoacán’s Artesanías

posted by:Ashley Chumley

One could only imagine the inspiration of a place where lush mountainsides reach to the Pacific and giant monarch butterflies flock for a winter getaway. Its name meaning the “place of the fish,” more flows in the state of Michaocan than the animals that thrive in this natural haven.