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Try a Silent Retreat

Posted by Shari Reynolds

Sometimes getting away from it all is just the right way to spend time in Mexico. If unplugging from your computer, TV, or BlackBerry, settling down for five days of reflection in a rustic monastery outside of San Miguel de Allende and getting back in touch with what’s important in life sounds appealing, try the LifePath Silent Retreat.

The quiet days start with an optional chant in the small chapel at 4:30am with the resident monks, followed by breakfast. During the day, you’re on your own to read, walk, meditate, practice yoga, write or journal, participate in the chants in the chapel or just catch up on sleep. The simple contemplative lifestyle is a welcome break from the fast-paced world we live in.

When you leave the world of sound behind, it gives you time to think, reconnect… for some it’s a life-changing experience to leave the world so full of sound and commitment and background noise to return to the simplicity and rhythm of nature. The setting sun, the full moon rising over the mountains, a nap under the shade of a tree, the laughter of children in the afternoon or the crow of the rooster all remind you that there’s more to this life than turning on the computer and plugging in first thing in the morning.

LifePath Silent Retreats take place in small groups, no more than 5 or 6 people and a facilitator to make sure everything runs smoothly. The retreat center is simple, set on the grounds of Our Lady of Solitude Monastery just outside of San Miguel de Allende in a small town and world heritage site, Atotonilco. For more information, visit

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